This year, I’ll be attending EasterCon in Birmingham, Nine Worlds in London, and WorldCon in Helsinki.

I hope to meet you there! And I always love to meet people I’ve chatted with on Twitter.


68th British National Science Fiction Convention

14 to 17 April 2017, Hilton Birmingham Metropole Hotel, NEC

My panels:

Science Educator and Author, Which Came First?

Friday 14:30 – 15:30, Churchill 

There is a Venn diagram that includes an overlap between science educators and authors. Our panelists appear in this space. As well as discussing what came first and how the other career developed, they discuss the benefits and drawbacks of having the two careers as well as how one informs the other.

Dr David L Clements, Anne Charnock, V Anne Smith, T. J. Berg (M), Wyken Seagrave 

NewCon Press Book Launch

Friday 18:30 – 19:30, Earls 

NewCon Press will be launching four new titles: A Time for Grief – Adrian TchaikovskyThe Ion Raider – Ian WhatesEntropic Angel – Gareth L. Powell, and All Good Things – David Langford; there will also be a signing of the new novella series, featuring novellas by Simon Morden, Anne Charnock and Neil Williamson. All authors will be present to sign books, as will cover artists Chris Moore and Jim Burns. Come and enjoy a glass of wine and meet the authors.

Climate Fiction in the 21st Century

Friday 20:30 – 21:30, Salisbury

Climate in science fiction has a long history, ranging from Ballard’s drowned and burning worlds to Kim Stanley Robinson’s Science in the Capitol series.  We examine the recent momentous developments in climate change science, and the politics of climate change, and what that means for the climate fiction of tomorrow.

Mr Matthew De Abaitua, Anne Charnock, Vincent Docherty (M), Roz Clarke, Mr Andrew Bannister 

Timeless Speculative Technology. Or Not.

Saturday 14:30 – 15:30, Kings 

SF reflects the technology/design of the time. On screen this can be rather amusing as ‘futuristic’ control rooms are overburdened with tape drives, buttons, and blinking lights. Our panel of scientists, authors and scholars explore the complications of speculating about technology and effectively presenting it in fiction without it appearing obsolete as the reality of technology overtakes it.

Graham Sleight (M), Mr Matthew De Abaitua, Debbie Chachra, Anne Charnock, Pat Cadigan