Super-Relaxed Fantasy Club

11 February 2020

Readings: Anne Charnock, Matt Hill and Greg Chilver

Star of Kings, Kings Cross, London. 7pm

Second Life Book Club
6 May 2020 10am Pacific Time, 6pm UK time

Virtual reality event

“Is Fiction the Ultimate Empathy Machine?”

Draxtor interviews Yvonne Battle-Felton, Anne Charnock, Laura Lam, Antoine Wilson.

Dystopias, Orwell and Scotland Islands

30 May, 2020 (POSTPONED. New date to be confirmed)

Scottish History Group Rothesay

Isle of Bute (Bank of Ideas), Rothesay, Scotland.

One-day discussion with Christopher Priest, Ken MacLeod, Anne Charnock, Norman Bissell, Prof Alan Riach.

Further details to be announced

I will be taking part in a number of online events in the coming months. I’ll post details here as soon as they are confirmed! Also, keep an eye on my tweets @annecharnock