47North Deal For Dreams Before The Start Of Time

What a year this is turning out to be! I’m dizzy. Back in April, I delivered the manuscript for my second novel, Sleeping Embers Of An Ordinary Mind (imminent release date, 1 December) and this month I’ve signed a contract for my third novel with 47North. The title is Dreams Before The Start Of Time and the publication date is scheduled for early 2017. That sounds a long way off. But, believe me, it isn’t! 47North Logo

The premise for this novel has been in my thoughts for some time. I initially approached it as a novella project, but I’ve decided the ideas need more breathing space. So, a novel it will be! And, I’m looking forward to developing this manuscript with the guidance of my excellent editor, Jason Kirk.

I hesitate to divulge too much about Dreams Before The Start Of Time, but… it’s safe to say that it stretches from the present day into the future. One early chapter has already been published in an anthology of short fiction, Phantasma. So, if you’d like a taster, you can take a peek at ‘The Adoption’ in that anthology and, at the same time, sample other stories by a great bunch of writers.

Steeling Myself For The Task

At the outset of a new writing project—feeling eager and apprehensive in the same moment—I find it helps to sneak a look at a positive review. Today, I’ve re-read a lovely, recent review—Two Futures—by award-winning author Nina Allan. Nina makes an intriguing comparison between A Calculated Life and Benjanun Sriduangkaew’s short story, ‘The Occidental Bride.’ Here’s the full review.

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