My New Website and The Latest on Phantasma Stories

I decided to pile on the stress this summer by rebuilding my website!

As the rebuild progressed, my second novel Sleeping Embers Of An Ordinary Mind moved steadily forward from its development edit, to copy edit and proofread. And, at the same time, I polished my short story ‘The Adoption” for the anthology, Phantasma Stories, which will include stories by J. D. Horn, Jason Kirk, Kate Maruyama, Jodi McIsaac and Roberta Trahan.

Over recent weeks I’ve solved a few glitches on the new website and blog. As for the trickiest problems, I’m fortunate to have an ace troubleshooter at hand, namely, my son Adam!

So here is the new website!

Pre-order the Kindle eBook.

Pre-order the Kindle eBook.

Just in time, too. Because in three weeks’ time, Phantasma Stories will be released and it’s now available for pre-order. In addition, Advance Reader Copies of Sleeping Embers Of An Ordinary Mind are winging their way to reviewers.

I have to admit, it feels great to have THREE books in the website banner.

Hope you’ve all had a lovely summer, or winter, depending on which hemisphere provides your home.

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