My Indie-Author Strategy

After weeks of tortuous research, I’ve now finalized my indie-author strategy for publishing my first novel. I’m mightily relieved that I’m releasing A Calculated Life this month rather than six months ago because at least one major problem facing non-US authors has been addressed. But before I get into any detail, here’s the broad-brush plan. I’m not saying this will suit all indie-authors but I reckon it’s the best for my circumstances:

ONE: Release my novel via Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) operated by Amazon. I’ll sign up to Kindle Select which gives KDP exclusive rights to sell my eBook for three months.

TWO: Make A Calculated Life available as a Print-on-Demand (POD) paperback through CreateSpace, also operated by Amazon. Selling paperbacks (or hardbacks) will not contravene the Kindle Select exclusivity deal, which only applies to eBooks.

I would not have chosen CreateSpace a few months ago but in May 2012 CreateSpace launched a European distribution system. Up until this development, I’d planned to use FeedARead, operated by Arts Council England.

THREE: When the exclusivity period ends with Kindle Select, I’ll release my novel via Smashwords for other eBook readers eg Barnes & Noble’s Nook, Sony Reader etc. (Update: I decided to stick with Kindle Select for an additional three months).

For each stage in this strategy, I’ve taken a number of key decisions. In my next post, I’ll explain the decisions I’ve taken for the release of my book via Kindle Direct Publishing.

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