Launch Week! Bustle Best Books Review and Guest Posts

It’s been a hectic week with the full release of Sleeping Embers of an Ordinary Mind, and I know some of you have followed events in my little book bubble via Twitter and Facebook. Thanks so much for chiming in with comments and replies—very exciting to get feedback!

I thought I’d summarize the media coverage so far. I’ve been busy writing original copy for several websites, which I’ve really enjoyed doing. So, here goes:


This is a big surprise: I’m totally chuffed that Sleeping Embers of an Ordinary Mind is reviewed by Bustle, and included in Melissa Ragsdale’s 13 of December 2015’s Best Books to Go With Your Holiday Cheer. This is a US website with, I believe, 10 million monthly visitors. Crikey O’Reilly! According to the website, Bustle is written “for and by women who are moving forward as fast as you are.” Melissa has compiled a lovely list of books, some in translation, and I’m adding them all to my reading pile.

I’m in excellent company in this list. My reading pile has now DOUBLED!


SF Signal

Writer as Daredevil is my guestpost for SF Signal. In this post, I explain my predilection for unconventional narrative structures.

Writer’s Digest

With my novel being released coincidentally at the end of National Novel Writing Month, I’ve contributed a very revealing article to Writer’s Digest about the details of my writing process. The WD community will probably decide that I’m a slow writer! The article is titled, How Long Does It Take To Write A Novel?

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 16.17.44Criminal Element

Family mysteries and family secrets are themes in Sleeping Embers of an Ordinary Mind. The popular website, Criminal Element, invited me to write an essay on the theme of family trees and their mysteries, and I start by writing about a puzzling photograph in my family album. I’ll be facing a Q&A next week from Criminal Element’s readers. Should be fun!

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