Democracy Rules on Front Cover: Paperback Proof

My paperback proofs were left at a neighbour’s house while I was at the dentist. I sprinted down the street and in the past 10 minutes I’ve ripped open the package and taken this photo!


Everything looks great. No formatting problems as far as I can see.

Thanks for your feedback on the cover design. You swayed me from my initial preference (at the time I just fancied having the small image of Jayna’s face on the spine). And it turns out to be the wisest choice because my only niggle with the proof is with the spine. The front cover image has run onto the spine by about 3mm – despite using the very precise cover template – so there’s a yellow line running down the right hand side of the spine. I’ll get in touch with CreateSpace to find out why that’s happened.

And I’m pleased that I altered the CreateSpace template for the book interior to allow an extra two lines of text per page. It just looks better.

Over the Christmas/New Year break I’ll check all the text, sort out the cover/spine and order another proof. I reckon I’m on track to launch the paperback by late January 2013.

I ordered five proofs so that I can send some out for review and I’ll keep a copy to prove to the extended family at Christmas that I have actually written a book!

Please note, if you are a UK reader and are not purchasing from Amazon over the issue of their UK corporation tax payments . . . I am considering producing an additional Print on Demand paperback from a UK distributor such as FeedARead, which is funded by Arts Council England. Let me know if you’d like me to do this.

Forthcoming Blogs:

In the New Year I’ll be writing some lengthy blogs about my experience of preparing my manuscript for ebook and Print-on-Demand publication. They’re two very different, and very lengthy processes. I’ve survived to tell the tale!

I’ll also be blogging about why the concept of ‘the uncanny’ is so effective in Science Fiction movies when it comes to communicating with their audiences.

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