Update: Norwescon, video trailer, Philip K Dick Award…

It’s been a hectic and fun time since I last posted so here’s a quick round-up. First, here’s a fabulous video trailer for A Calculated Life. Many thanks to Ian Koviak at theBookDesigners for producing this animated graphic. Video trailers are becoming more common for novels and it’s easy to see why when you watch this great animation.

If you happen to be attending the SF convention Norwescon in Seattle, I hope you’ll catch one or more events I’m involved with including a panel discussion on near-future political science fiction. In addition, I’ll be joining writers talking about the publishing industry and how to find a readership for your fiction.  Norwescon runs from 17th to 20th April.

As some of you know already, my novel is one of seven nominated works for the Philip K Dick Award 2013 and the winner will be announced at Norwescon on Friday 18th April. I’ve been reading all the nominated works and they cover a broad range of science fiction including a collection of short stories, Solaris Rising 2, edited by Ian Whates.

And elsewhere…

BookBrunch is the UK’s daily news service for the book industry are here’s an opinion piece I was invited to write about my experience as a 47North/Amazon Publishing author. A calculated risk led to a success for A Calculated Life

Lauren Smith: "A Calculated Life is a strong debut. Recommended."

Lauren Smith: “A Calculated Life is a strong debut. Recommended.”

And South African books blogger Lauren Smith kindly reviewed my novel on Violin in a Void and quizzed me about my approach to writing.

I’m taking a blogging holiday until Norwescon but when I’m back I’ll tell you more about my writing plans for the next few months.

Happy reading!

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