Cover Release: The Enclave from NewCon Press

My first novella-length piece of fiction—The Enclave—will be published by NewCon Press in February 2017, as part of a series of four science fiction novellas. Chris Moore has created a stunning piece of art that spans the series.


I’ve lost count of the number of readers who have asked for a sequel to A Calculated Life. I’ve resisted the pressure because the novel feels complete to me! However, last year I mooted the idea of a companion piece that would cut across the world of A Calculated Life, set in the enclave outside Manchester, which featured in the novel.

Well, here it is! The Enclavea standalone novella. It will be published in excellent company, as follows:

The Iron Tactician by Alastair Reynolds (December 2016)

At the Speed of Light by Simon Morden (January 2017)

The Enclave by Anne Charnock (February 2017)

The Memoirist by Neil Williamson (March 2017)

A Limited Edition of 250 hardbacks (signed the author!) is available from NewCon Press’s website. And you can pre-order now. Paperback and eBook editions will also be available.

Here’s the cover blurb:

Set in the world of Anne Charnock’s novel A Calculated Life—nominated for the Philip K. Dick and Kitschies Golden Tentacle Awards—The Enclave reveals life at the bottom of the heap in late twenty-first century Britain.

Advances in genetic engineering have created a population free of addictive behaviour. Violent crime is rare. But out in the enclaves, it’s survival of the fittest for Lexie—embroiled in a recycling clan, and judged unfit for cognitive implants—and Caleb, a young climate migrant working as an illegal, eager to prosper and one day find his father.

A must-read for any fan of the acclaimed novel A Calculated Life:

“Charnock’s dystopia is actually believable.” — Strange Horizons.

“What Charnock has in common with Philip K. Dick is the ability to write unease.” — Adam Roberts.

I’m so pleased to have this opportunity to expand the world of A Calculated Life. I hope you’ll enjoy the result!

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