The perfect reader responses, latest reviews and a Korean translation

“Your books always break my heart. You’re like a really bad boyfriend. I know you’re going to leave me emotionally wrecked, but I can’t stay away :-)”

How sweet! I like the smiley face, too. This particular message appeared in my inbox last week. I shall frame it!

Over on Twitter yesterday, top marks to reader Mark Gerrits for selecting four great images for his tweet:

And what are ‘the critics’ saying? I’m bowled over that two reviewers, in particular, found time to review Dreams Before the Start of Time (47North) last week, seeing as they’re Shadow Jurors for the 2017 Arthur C Clarke Award. I’m referring to Megan AM (From Couch to Moon website) and Nina Allan (The Spider’s House website). They’re part of a team of nine critics who are currently reviewing science fiction novels released in 2016 and drawing up a Shadow Shortlist which they will reveal on 2 May—one day before the official Arthur C Clarke Award shortlist is announced. Exciting stuff.

I blush as I copy and paste Nina Allan’s comments:

“I greatly admire this book. I love the music it makes when listened to in consort with its equally accomplished predecessor. Most of all, I’m delighted and inspired by Anne Charnock’s writing talent, her contemplative, forensic, insatiably curious approach to speculative fiction. The three novels she has produced to date constitute a significant literary achievement in their own right, as well as being the springboard from which – I feel sure of it – Charnock will leap towards still more confident advances in the novels to come.”

No pressure, then. Read the full review here.

I mentioned Megan AM’s review last week in my blogpost. Here’s a snippet:

“Charnock’s interest is always in the human aspect first: her characters are real, living, breathing individuals; lost in some ways, directive in others. With Dreams Before the Start of Time already on my Best SF of 2017 list, Anne Charnock is now solidified as one of my favorite SF authors.”

Full review here.

A Calculated Life—A Korean Translation

There are two wonderful consequences of A Calculated Life securing a contract for a Korean translation. First, new readers! Second, new cover art!!! I love the original cover art, but I can’t wait to see how the book is re-imagined by a new designer. I’m delighted that East-Asia Publishing (known as Dong Asia Books in Korea) will be translating my first novel. To date, East-Asia Publishing has published works of non-fiction in translation including Jonathan Weiner’s The Beak of the Finch (Pulitzer Prize) and James Gleick’s Chaos. However, the publisher is now acquiring fiction titles and is sponsoring the Korea Science Fiction Award.

I hope it won’t be too long before I can reveal the new cover art. Watch this space.

And finally…

Kickstarter for 2084 Anthology—Inspired by Orwell

Inspired by George Orwell

Well, this Kickstarter caught the zeitgeist!

It launched on 29 March as Theresa May triggered Article 50, so beginning the Brexit process. Pledges for the 2084 anthology smashed through the £2500 target in 11 hours, and as of NOW the pledges have topped £17,500. This allows the publisher, Unsung Stories, to commission three more short stories, fund a hardback edition and pay the contributors more money! I’m honoured to find myself in the line-up:

Jeff Noon, Christopher Priest, James Smythe, Lavie Tidhar, Aliya Whiteley, David Hutchinson, Cassandra Khaw, Desirina Boskovich, Anne Charnock, Ian Hocking, Oliver Langmead, Courttia Newland, Irenosen Okojie, EJ Swift.

Click here to learn more about 2084 and for video interviews with the contributors.

Thanks for your support, all! Onwards!

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