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Catch Up: 10 Blogposts Since Release Of A Calculated Life

It’s four weeks since 47North released a new edition of A Calculated Life and I thought I’d mark the occasion by doing a round-up of all the recent guest posts and reviews I’ve written. It’s been manic, but a great deal of fun. I really appreciate the massive amount of support I’ve received from other 47North authors and the good wishes from readers. Those all-important reviews are coming in and it’s pretty encouraging so far. Read more

Guest Post: Roberto Calas on Writing Serial Novels, and Insanity

Fellow 47North author Roberto Calas is a trailblazer in the current revival of serial novels. I invited Roberto to explain his approach to serials. And he also tells us how the discipline of writing to order has lifted his game!

I’ll be having a guest blogpost each month written by one of my new author buddies at 47North. They’re a great bunch and I’m pleased you’ll get to meet them, too! Read more