Catch Up: 10 Blogposts Since Release Of A Calculated Life

It’s four weeks since 47North released a new edition of A Calculated Life and I thought I’d mark the occasion by doing a round-up of all the recent guest posts and reviews I’ve written. It’s been manic, but a great deal of fun. I really appreciate the massive amount of support I’ve received from other 47North authors and the good wishes from readers. Those all-important reviews are coming in and it’s pretty encouraging so far.

So here goes:

crashLast week, Strange Horizons published my review of Guy Haley’s novel Crash.

My guest posts on 47North authors’ blogs:

How Saul Bellow’s Seize The Day Helped Me Write A Calculated Life which appeared on the literary website Annotation Nation, co-founded by author Kate Maruyama.

Iconic Medieval Sculpture And Its Role In My Dystopian Novel This article revealed that author Roberto Calas and I have more in common than might be expected.

Manchester: The Original Steampunk City and The Perfect Setting for Science Fiction appeared on Richard Ellis Preston Jr’s blog. And, you guessed it, Richard writes steampunk novels.

Sleepwalking into Dystopia posted on thriller writer Lee Goldberg’s blog. This piece links my novel with his post-apocalyptic thriller The Walk.

And I’ve reciprocated by publishing their guest posts on this blog – see ‘Posts on similar subjects’ below.

In addition, I posted two conversations with 47North authors Neve Maslakovic and Steve McHugh, which were immense fun.


Fiona Curran

Fiona Curran, Waiting For The Perfect View. Credit: Peter Hope

You may have seen my post last week– Art and JG Ballard: Geologic Time and Lucid Dreaming This has also been published by:

The Huffington Post and cultural events website LondonCalling.

So, as you see, I haven’t been a lounge lizard!

But now I must return to the cave and continue with the fiction writing. And so, the tyranny of the daily word count resumes…


I’ll add here a few recent reviews from, and, lastly, a reader’s comment posted on this blog.

Close your eyes now if you are squeamish about self-promotion:

A perfect mix October 16, 2013 5*review

Jayna is the perfect mix of logic, self-doubt, childlike curiosity and wonder. I’m intrigued and delighted by her self-awareness, and left wanting more.

Excellent, 10 Oct 2013 5*review

This is very intelligently written. The world and the characters Anne Charnock creates are totally believable and she allows the reader to draw conclusions, without dotting every “i” and crossing every “t”. I am really looking forward to reading any more work that she publishes.

Intelligent science fiction 14 October, 2013, 5*review

At its core this story is a journey of discovery and awareness. Well written and layered it draws you into the world and mind of its protagonist in a heartfelt way. Think Gattaca.

Brilliantly done. Thank you. Few stories…few characters touch me. Not sure who was bumped out of my top five, but Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash and Cryptonomicon are in the first two spots. A Calculated Life has settled sweetly among them. Just lovely. I do so hope to see a sequel.

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